Hosmer’s Formulas

All formulas are all ‘inhouse blends’. We purchase flavoring from top suppliers developed over the years to maximize memorable qualities.

Each flavor is designed to be the best in its category. For example, our natural orange soda takes a back seat to no other; it has the tartness and aroma that reminds you of the real fruit. All of our flavors are ‘retro’. We strive for bold flavor, but avoid the perfumy artificial taste.

Widest Selection in the State!

Hosmer produces over 30 flavors of soft drinks. We also make a special flavor-of-the-month, many of which are quite unique and fun.

Most of our 12 flavors of diet soda contain aspartame (nutrasweet) blends and are quite flavorful and caffeine-free. The Diet Cola uses splenda instead of aspartame.

We also carry old-fashioned Moxie and produce our own delicious natural Iced Tea and a fabulous Pink Lemonade.

With concern about sugar, calories, and health we also have fabulous sparkling waters. (Plain, Raspberry, Tangerine, and Lemon-Lime) These seltzers show off our outstanding naturally pure source of water. Never treated with chemical, our water is state-tested but never adulterated.

Glass Bottles Only

Hosmer uses two sizes of glass bottles (28 & 12 oz.) to package our products. Many consumers have been hoodwinked into accepting plastic soda bottles. Even before they are opened, carbonation is permeating through the walls of a plastic bottle, actually reducing the fizz. After opening, bubbles escape faster from plastic bottles than from glass bottles due to surface irregularities in the plastic. Flat soda often ends up going down the drain. Hosmer Mountain Soda stays fresher longer.

Metal cans are also an inferior soft drink package. Cans do not insulate a cold beverage, nor can they be resealed. Cans also present an unsanitary drinking surface.

Only the Best comes in glass.