CPTV Interview

We’ve found this in CPTV’s online vaults, from a few years back. This is a brief interview with Bill Potvin on Connecticut’s public broadcasting channel. See the whole interview here.

Gourmet Root Beer.com Review

Yum! Though it has sarsaparilla, it’s still definitely a root beer and it’s definitely good. It has a nice creamy Body with a distinct sarsaparilla flavor in addition to the more standard root beer flavors. The brown sugar is noticeable. The Bite is adequate without being overbearing from both spices and carbonation with the overall mouth feel very smooth. The Head is nice and tall.

Full Review

Hosmer on WILI AM

Barbara Swol, President of the Jillson House Museum, Vice President Darlene Haddad, and Bill Potvin from Hosmer Mountain Bottling discuss the Hosmer Mountain Soda exhibit at the Jillson House Museum.

Scroll to May, 04, 2012. To hear another interview about Hosmer, scroll to April 15, 2011.

Hosmer Mountain: Local Business Fights Corporations

For years, Bill Potvin and his family have been living examples of the benefit of locally owned business. Their presence at local events, from church suppers to the Third Thursday Street Festival, has been part of life in Willimantic for many years. Now, by supporting the occupy movement to save us from the giant corporations, the Potvins once again exemplify the value of local business.

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