How We Make Soda

Hosmer uses only glass bottles which are purchased and sterilized before each filling in a bottling tradition that is over one hundred years old.

Soft drinks are made in two stages – Syrup is produced first and then it is blended with carbonated water to make the final product.


Flavor concentrates are selected from different “extract houses.” We have always felt that each company has certain flavors that are tops, so we have “shopped around” over the years. We also blend and mix flavors in unique ways ourselves. High fructose corn sweetener is our primary sweetener. Tartness comes from fruit acids like citric and malic acid. The flavors (natural and artificial) are protected with benzoate of soda. All of our products are gluten free.


We use a naturally pure source of water from a deep well. No chlorination processing is employed. Regular testing is done. The water is crystal clear, pure, high in calcuim, and sodium-free.


Each flavor requires a different level of carbonation. Soda is carbonated by dissolving CO2 in water, which provides some additional tartness.

We use a machine called a saturater to accomplish this. Cold water is essential to produce good “Carbonic Acid” (Sparkling Water). The proportioner blends the syrup with the carbonated water at a rate of one part syrup to five parts sparkling water.

The filler gets the soft drink into the bottles which are immediately capped. Paper labels are applied soon after. Bottles are then placed into cases with the case packer and stored on wooden pallets for delivery.