How We Stack Up Nationally

Everyone in the beverage industry likes to think they put out a great product. The customers that you generate are generally enthusiastic too… why would they be buying it?

But what happens when you enter your product in National Competitions for quality? We are proud to report that we are among the very best in test after test!

Here are some summaries of Hosmer Mountain Rankings established over the years:

Great American Root Beer Showdown – Minnesota, 2004

89 Root Beers were scored by 7 tasters with replications.
Rankings of selected Root Beers:

  • 4th – Hosmer Mountain
  • 10th – A & W
  • 21st – IBC
  • 29th – Mug
  • 31st – Stewarts
  • 41st – Frostie
  • 53st – Virgil’s
  • 57th – Barq’s
  • 71st – Mystic Seaport

Root beers have a major fascination in this country and when we come out 4th out of 89 root beer entries, we can be confident that Hosmer has one of the best root beers in the country.

Anthony’s Root Beer Barrel Review

(255 root beers, sarsaparillas, and birch beers tested)

Rankings are split into Anthony’s ratings, and the public’s ratings (where visitors go to the web site and place their vote for their favorite root beer, sarsaparilla, or birch beer). The following are examples of some of the more well-known root beers versus Hosmer’s and their rankings (public rankings listed below).
Selected Root Beers with ranking:

  • 12th – Frostie
  • 14th – Hosmer Mountain
  • 44th – Stewart’s
  • 51st – IBC
  • 56th – Boylan’s
  • 58th – Hires
  • 65th – A & W
  • 102nd – Mug
  • 111th – Barq’s
  • 126th – Virgil’s
  • 155th – Polar

We are proud to report that we are among the very best in test after test!