Earth Friendly Local Use

‘Going green’ is a new term for what Hosmer has done for over 100 years. We sterilize over 500,000 bottles every year. You might call them environmental bottles.
An “environmental bottle” is a bottle which, when used, places minimum stress on our earth. There are no ores to mine as in metal cans, and no oil to pump from the ground to form plastic bottles. Glass is produced from common sand. Better than recyclable, an environmental bottle can be sterilized and reused. With each use, energy is saved compared to remanufacturing systems. The air that we breathe remains cleaner, with fewer chemicals used and fewer combustibles generated. Environmental bottles also give you a better reward for returning them for deposit refunds. (We at Hosmer have been charging a deposit since before Connecticut made it a law)! By using environmental bottles you are saving our valuable and finite natural resources, conserving our earth’s energy reserves, and lessening the pressure on our landfills. Such conservation measures consider the world our children will inherit. You should feel good about using environmental bottles. We do!